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Marc Ford MBA
Marc Ford MBA
Your Best Kept Business Secret

About the Instructor

Marc Ford MBA is quickly becoming known as one of the most sought after motivational, dynamic and entertaining business coach and keynote speakers for blue chip companies, small business owners, non-profit and community leaders from all sectors of society looking to expand opportunity. For over 2 decades he has not only studied the skills and tricks of achievement, he’s collaborated with business and their leaders in boardrooms and offices translating theory into bottom-line results for his clients.

He talks to those businesses about the secrets that others don’t want you to know
He helps them to see those opportunities in a straight talking, no nonsense, energetic, inspiring and heart on his sleeve way.

He will challenge you, make you smile, force you to think and help you take action.
Marc energises people to meet the challenges of the business world around them. He skilfully weaves his own compelling life story as well of those of others into the fabric of our daily lives. The thread is forever strengthened, touting why you can’t afford to be complacent and to aim high, achieve and actively make an impact on the world.

Marc never tires of using his energy to transform the world, well-beyond a podium or a public appearance, meshing traditional and social media to empower his audiences. His podcast is listened to by thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs every month through iTunes and Spotify where he talks about the things that really can make a difference to a business. From marketing to mental health; from profit to promotion; from self development to team development, done with humour and energy to make things better, easier and more rewarding than they are right now.

Welcome to Your Best Kept Business Insiders Network

  • Are you a business owners that isn’t sure on what to focus on to grow their business faster? And without wasting a lot of money?
  • Are you a business owners that wants the accountability of having a business coach, but right at this moment, can’t afford that luxury?
  • Are you a business owners that wants support of like-minded peers, but are unsure who to trust and turn to?

Then the Best Kept Business Secret Insiders Network has been built just for you.

Right here in this small and safe community you have access to over 100 hours of content, audio, video and downloads produced to help your business grow faster and smarter.

 This is an online community where every piece of content can be discussed, debated and bettered with other business owners from around the world...all of whom have the same desire as grow your business faster.

With over 100 hours of ideas, thoughts and strategies that you can implement NOW into your business, this is a value driven community with 1 goal...creating the best business you can have. 

This stuff is proven to work and is a safe, positive and professional membership community.

Come join the community from all over the world, where good things to those who work smarter and faster...

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100.0 hrs

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