Course Description

Do you run a small business or just about to start one?

What would your business look like if you could increase your sales numbers, your profit numbers and get the RIGHT clients and customers for your business just by focusing on the things that make a real, significant difference in the next 30 days, roughly for one hour per day?

The Customer Machine Programme

There are lots of systems, products and courses that offer business owners and managers like you, ‘Silver Bullets’ that will 'guarantee them making millions' within days. Here’s the news...Silver Bullets don't exist unless you believe in horror movies.

I won't guarantee you making you your first million or making millions more, what I do genuinely guarantee is a better business and marketing plan in 30 days that will grow your customer and client numbers quickly and cost-effectively. As a business coach in the UK, I’ve worked with businesses large and small. Corporate giants to one man bands. So how do I help make them successful?

It’s very simple. I help them hone in on the real, genuine, key elements of their business and marketing model and help them leverage those elements so that they attract the right customers and clients to their business and in turn, those evolve quickly into more sales and profits. The things that make them unique and different from their competition. Not one size fits all. Never has. Never will.

In this programme, you’ll study the same techniques, ideas, thoughts and processes that are proven by some of the world's most successful businesses and that I use with small businesses that want to grow and expand, by understanding and concentrating on the right things for their business. It doesn’t matter whether they are in retail, services, events or on the internet.

We’ll look at marketing, products, selling, customer reviews, pricing, branding and so much more. And it will only take roughly an hour a day and you’ll be on the road to a 30 Day Business Plan success story.

This coaching and training would normally cost you £3000, but I’m offering it for NOTHING. Yes, that’s right NOTHING! This will dramatically change your business, giving you the roadmap to success.

What The Customer Machine Programme Includes:

  • Structured activities based on the three of the most important parts of your business. You, Your Offering and Your Marketing. All aimed at honing business, marketing, product and sales planning focus in the right places. 
  • New material added every three weeks.
  • 1 time sign-up, Unlimited access.
  • Email updates to NEW material as it goes live.
  • Opportunities for 1 day workshops based on the key learnings in the programme.
  • Opportunities for 1:1 coaching with Marc Ford MBA.
  • Interact and Network with the community that are on the programme with you.

What's in the Programme?

You and your business:

  • Goals, dreams and reality + 5 Chapters
  • Things to give up and start to do if you want to attract more customers + 14 Chapters
  • What do you actually do? + 2 Chapters
  • Who do you serve?
  • Building Credibility + 2 Chapters
  • Building Business Relationships + 9 Chapters
  • Your Business image + 5 Chapters
  • Being Seen in the Right Places + 3 Chapters
  • Showing Your WOW Factor + 3 Chapters
  • Keeping Ahead of the Game + 3 Chapters
  • Showing your personality

Your offering:

  • Is it what people want? + 7 Chapters
  • Your Business Model for better Sales, Clients and Customers + 7 Chapters
  • Selling your stuff at the right prices + 7 Chapters

Your marketing:

  • Getting a plan that works + 2 Chapters
  • Getting a style that attracts the right customers and clients + 9 Chapters
  • Make potential customers and clients want you + 3 Chapters
  • Testimonials and Customer service that attract + 9 Chapters
  • Become compelling for customers and clients + 3 Chapters
  • Using the media to attract customers and clients + 4 Chapters
  • Things you must do to attract customers and clients + 5 Chapters

Plus checklists, downloads and workbooks.

Why am I doing this?

Part loyalty to what I believe in, partly because I want to 'test it to the max', but more importantly I want you to test it out and reap the rewards of the success that it can bring. The content here is what I've been working on with clients. One client has just signed a three-year deal worth £19.8million and another has gone from £60k last year to sign a deal worth £300,000 for next year. Others have gone from broke to £3,000 a month regularly in less than 8 weeks and one has gone from an income of £400 a month to over £7,000 regularly within months. Plus one client has just signed a deal worth over £9,000,000 over the next 3 years!

So I want more massive success stories so I can show people how simple success can be if you focus on the right thing. 

Sales and marketing the business effectively, as well as focused business planning,  are people’s biggest weaknesses and the ones who say are the best sales closers usually aren’t. Great business people are never satisfied; they read every new sales book and purchase any new sales programme because if you can get that small extra edge, it can be the difference between getting the deal and losing another sale.

The Customer Machine Programme is probably one of the best small business programmes created because it’s so relevant to today’s market. It delivers results! Since the market crash of 2008 consumers and investors are more scared and rather than spending, they are hoarding. And since 2008 more and more micro businesses are springing up and beginning to crowd the market place with inferior lower priced models of product and service, because they believe that's the only way they can compete. This is why it is more important than ever to take advantage of the learnings in this programme. You'll now have the keys to marketing, pitching, selling, and closing to those ideal customers and clients that were previously holding on to their money instead of spending it. After doing this programme I know that you'll pick up at least one secret that will help you sell more and increase your bottom line. Just think of how much money a one-time investment of NOTHING is going to make you long term.

Your Best Kept Business Secret

Marc Ford MBA

My name is Marc Ford MBA, one of the UK’s up and coming business coaches, authors, talk radio show hosts, podcasters and international speaker, and probably the most practical coach, mentor and teacher you’ll ever meet. I operate a simple, practical, no nonsense, no fluff approach to making businesses and their owners more successful and helping them attract the right customers and clients.So…just think about something…don’t you think there’s a reason so many business owners and millionaire “big guns” pay a Brit so handsomely for his expertise rather than using the home grown talent within their own networks? After all, these are very well connected people with plenty of choices. Of course there is.It’s because my expertise gets results for people.And in entrepreneurial life, that’s ALL that counts.I’m not sharing this with you to brag.It’s so you know that when I say I have something powerful and profitable to share with you, it’s going to worth your while taking notice.So enjoy the programme, take massive action and get in touch if you need to.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • A welcome video from Marc Ford MBA, creator of The Customer Machine

    • Introduction to the Customer Machine

    • What's your story?

  • 2

    You: Goals, dreams and reality

    • You: Goals, dreams and reality

    • The Customer Machine Programme KPI's Example Spreadsheet (Excel)

    • You: Make sure you and your team understand your goals and visions.

    • You: Size doesn’t matter—unless you let it

    • You: It’s not that serious - have some fun!

  • 3

    You: Things to give up and start to do if you want to attract more customers

    • You: A list of things to give up if you want to succeed...

    • You: Make your business bigger than one person

    • You: Write a Business Plan or Get Someone to Do it for You.

    • You: Understand the importance of systems

    • You: Understand finances- taking control of your business.

    • You: Become a sales analyser—every time you put your hand in your pocket

    • You: Keep a notepad in your pocket.

    • You: How do you monitor your sales?

    • You: Have pride in your workplace (even if you are the only one there)

    • You: Make your workplace inviting and easy for your customers to visit.

    • You: Don't scrimp on this

    • You: Offer really good coffee and tea (and nice cups)

    • You: Make decisions—procrastination is a killer

    • You: Commit to improving your business skills daily

    • You: Learn from your and others mistakes

  • 4

    You: What do you actually do?

    • You: Learn to introduce yourself and your business

    • You: What do you actually do? Your unfair advantage

    • You: Are you REALLY an expert or are you just 'playing'?

  • 5

    You: Who do you serve?

    • You: Find your niche and smash your competition

  • 6

    You: Credibility

    • You: Proof if Proof Were Needed - Social Proof Your Marketing & Make Your Mark!

    • You: Be a fair negotiator

  • 7

    You : Business relationships

    • Business Relationships Introduction

    • You : Your Golden Ticket and the 80/20 Rule

    • You : Who do you want to have a strong relationship with?

    • You : Always check references of potential suppliers

    • You : Take the time to get to know the people you want to build a relationship with.

    • You : Loose lips sink ships and sometimes businesses.

    • You : Never let a long-term relationship be destroyed over a petty issue.

    • You : Never forget the biggest and most important relationship in your business.

    • You: Be more than your business

  • 8

    You : Connect with the right people

    • YOU: How to Connect With the 'Key Influencers' In Your Marketplace

    • You: Be a supporter of other business associates

    • You: Mix with people you can learn from

  • 9

    You: Your business image

    • YOU: Commanding Attention & Influencing Your Market - Dress How You Want To Be Seen

    • You: Appearances are everything

    • YOU: Is your business name telling the right story?

    • You: Beware of bad smells

    • You: Make one person the keeper of the workplace

  • 10

    You: Being seen in the right places

    • YOU: 90 Days of Networking – Fast Track Your Results

    • You: Networking is not a dirty word

    • Networking Ideas and Tips

  • 11

    You: Show your 'WOW' factor!

    • YOU: The Irresistible ‘ELEMENT’ to ‘WOWING’ New Customers

    • The WOW Factor Explained...

    • You: Just add laughter (in vast amounts and often)

    • You: Encourage people (and you) to bring their personality to work

  • 12

    You: Keeping ahead of the game

    • You: Spend time researching your industry online

    • YOU: Discuss, Finger on the Pulse and Drive People to Your Business

    • YOU: Question Everything. (Warning Big Section!)

  • 13

    You: Showing your personality

    • YOU: Who Are You?

    • Who Do You Think You Are?

  • 14

    Your Offering: Is it what people want?

    • What Do Your Customers Really Want?

    • Your Offering: Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want

    • Your Offering: Mystery shop your way to success

    • Your Offering: Time - the one commodity that causes the most grief.

    • Your Offering: Customer expectations are changing - we all need to change with them.

    • Your Offering: Do you charge enough?

    • Your Offering: Who is your biggest competitor?

    • Your Offering: Always be prepared for an opportunity

  • 15

    Your Offering: Your Business Model for better Sales, Clients and Customers

    • Your Offering: Make Stuff Easy to Buy

    • Your Offering: Packaging for new clients and customers

    • Your Offering: What is the new customer’s main concern in the sales process?

    • Your Offering: Guarantees for new customers and clients

    • Your Offering: Pump Up The Value for new customers and clients

  • 16

    Your Offering: Selling your stuff at the right price

    • Your Offering: Nobody Grew Up Wanting to 'DO' Sales

    • Your Offering: Do you really know what you are selling?

    • Your Offering: Why should someone buy what you are selling?

    • Your Offering: To be good at selling you have to be good at listening

    • Your Offering: Get someone in to teach your staff how to sell— regularly

    • Your Offering: Do you make it easy for people to buy from you?

    • Your Offering: How you sold yesterday may not apply to how you sell today or tomorrow

    • Your Offering: Always ask for the sale

    • 11 Rules To Get a Yes...

  • 17

    Your Marketing: Getting a plan that works

    • Your Marketing: An easy 12-week plan to get those new customers and clients

    • Your Marketing: Give away products or services to promote your business

  • 18

    Your Marketing: Getting a style that attracts the right customers and clients

    • Your Marketing: Stand head and shoulders above the competition, or miss out

    • Your Marketing: How to Find Your Style - Stand Out, Brand Values + Slogans Ideas

    • Your Marketing: Do you have a logo and is it the right one?

    • Your Marketing: What is your tagline?

    • Your Marketing: Consistency and the power of branding

    • Your Marketing: Does your business colour attract the right customers and clients?

    • Your Marketing: Who controls your business image?

    • Your Marketing: Your business image in advertising

    • Your Marketing: A simple task to put things together.

    • What Makes You Different?

  • 19

    Your Marketing: Make potential customers and clients want you

    • Your Marketing: Build Customers Desire to Buy and Drive Your Sales – Show How Brilliant You Are

    • Your Marketing: Blog ideas, titles and tips

    • Your Marketing: Headlines that get you noticed by customers and clients...

  • 20

    Your Marketing: Testimonials and Customer service that attract

    • Your Marketing: "Would You Eat That Again?"

    • Your Marketing: The power of brilliant testimonials

    • Your Marketing: Respect and never lose touch

    • Your Marketing: Do you over promise and under deliver? (It's the wrong way round!)

    • Your Marketing: The first 30 seconds to new customers and clients

    • Your Marketing: Talk about customer service to your team and to your customers..a lot.

    • Your Marketing: Reward good customers

    • Your Marketing: Cleanliness is a key component to attracting customers and clients

    • Your Marketing: Ask people to send you business and they will

  • 21

    Your Marketing: Become compelling for customers and clients

    • Your Marketing: Create a compelling offer so they can't say no!

    • Your Marketing: Give us a sample.

    • Your Marketing: Being a green business is good for business

  • 22

    Your Marketing: Using the media to attract customers and clients

    • Your Marketing: Get your name in print- there are plenty of opportunities

    • Your Marketing: Time to Become A Media Whore

    • Your Marketing: Enter your business in awards whenever possible

    • Your Marketing: Be prepared to get up in front of a crowd—challenge yourself

  • 23

    Your Marketing: Things you must do to attract customers and clients

    • Your Marketing: You need to commit time to marketing

    • Your Marketing: If your budget is small you need to put in some elbow grease

    • Your Marketing: Single Point Marketing Failure – Are You Putting Your Business At Risk?

    • Your Marketing: The Internet is here to stay, it's amazing and still lots to dow with it

    • Your Marketing: Do less but do it to the right people

  • 24

    You, Your Offer and Your Marketing

    • Consolidate: A 20 Point Checklist No Business Owner Can Do Without

    • You, Your Offer and Your Marketing Checklist

  • 25

    You, Your Offering and Marketing Business Audit

    • You, Your Offering and Marketing Business Audit

    • You, Your Offer and Your Marketing Business Audit Workbook.

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