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The Secret Business Blueprint

There are a stack of programmes, videos, books, ebooks and challenges for business owners that want to grow their business, or market their business better or even make more money. Problem is that most simply don’t work. Why? Because the people that put them together really don’t want you to know HOW it all works otherwise you buy their next BIG Thing! And more importantly they can't make it all work TOGETHER. They are a bit like a dysfunctional BIG business. 

It's where the marketing team do one thing. The sales team do another. And the people who create the products and services do what they feel is right. It's disjointed, dysfunctional and is a big waste of time and money. Something I'm assuming you haven't got either in abundance.

So right here you and I are going to be putting together a Secret Business Blueprint for YOUR Business. 

Yes YOUR Business. 

You see, many of the answers you’ll already know…but within this Blueprint I’m going to challenge what you THINK you know and show you how you are missing valuable sales, new customers and clients and leaving money on the table when it comes to promoting and growing your business.

These same seven steps have helped start-ups grow to taking on employees within a year. Move a 4 figure business to a six figure business in a year. A 6 figure business to a 7 figure business in 6 months and how one business grew their franchisees by nearly 40% in 8 months.

They are easy to follow, and if you take on board what’s being shown yo you, you will grow your business - or I’ll give you your money back. The risk is all on me.

So what’s in the Secret Business Blueprint?

On an online platform you’ll have access to these 7 sections:

#1 PAIN Goals - In this section we talk about why MOST business owners and managers in those businesses never really achieve the goals they set out to achieve. Here is a way of looking at goals, that has been PROVEN to make business owners re-evaluate what they are striving for and ACHIEVE things that others won’t. REAL Goals, with REAL Results.

#2 The Sales Vase - This is the #1 thing that successful business owners have been focusing on for years and yet many businesses end up focusing on the wrong thing in the flow, so end up leaving money on the table or not connecting with the right customers and clients in the first place. This will change your perspective and focus whilst getting you results quicker

#3 What’s The Difference? - It’s like buying tins of beans. What’s the difference between a 23p tin and a 75p tin? Is it the flavour? Is it the value? Is it the quality? Or something different? In this part of the blueprint I’m going to show you WHAT exactly you should be offering your customers and clients and HOW you can show the difference without endlessly talking about the price.

#4 Who Are They? - If you market and talk to everyone, you either very sociable and have a lot of time and your hands, or you are really wasting your time and talking to no-one. Here’s the part of the blueprint to help you identify everything you can about your ideal customers and clients and therefore REDUCE or LASER FOCUS your marketing and your message.

#5 Loyalty is Royalty - Being a smaller business has HUGE advantages when it comes to rubbing shoulders with the bigger companies in your industry or niche. In this part of the blueprint, I’m going to show you how growing small businesses EXPLOIT those advantages and get MORE customers and clients with a BIG return on investment.

#6 The Marketing Mix - It’s not about you, it just starts with you and your message. We’ve been building to this part of the Blueprint and here I’m going to show you what the most popular businesses are ACTUALLY doing when it comes to marketing their business. It’s understanding, who, what and why they are marketing. It saves money, saves time and will make you famous!

#7 Never be Closing - The art of selling, but not actually selling and getting over any of those objections that so many people seem to have on a speed dial. This is about getting you over the line without compromising what you do, how you do it and most importantly for the price you do it for!

Then putting it all together and getting the results you can have if you just follow this easy to implement blueprint.

PLUS downloads, books and worksheets.
All in video, audio or text downloads.

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Your Best Kept Business Secret

Marc Ford MBA

My name is Marc Ford MBA, one of the UK’s up and coming business coaches, authors, talk radio show hosts, podcasters and international speaker, and probably the most practical coach, mentor and teacher you’ll ever meet. I operate a simple, practical, no nonsense, no fluff approach to making businesses and their owners more successful and helping them attract the right customers and clients.So…just think about something…don’t you think there’s a reason so many business owners and millionaire “big guns” pay a Brit so handsomely for his expertise rather than using the home grown talent within their own networks? After all, these are very well connected people with plenty of choices. Of course there is.It’s because my expertise gets results for people.And in entrepreneurial life, that’s ALL that counts.I’m not sharing this with you to brag.It’s so you know that when I say I have something powerful and profitable to share with you, it’s going to worth your while taking notice.So enjoy the programme, take massive action and get in touch if you need to.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Your Secret Business Blueprint Introduction - Video

    • Your Secret Business Blueprint Introduction - Audio

    • Your Secret Business Blueprint Introduction Text

    • Your Secret Business Blueprint Introduction

  • 2

    #1 PAIN GOALS - REAL Goals to Get REAL Results and Why Most Business Owners Fail to Achieve Anything

    • #1 PAIN Goals Video

    • #1 PAIN Goals - Audio

    • #1 PAIN Goals

    • #1 PAIN Goals

    • PAIN Goals Download

  • 3

    #2 The 'Sales Vase' - #1 Thing Successful Businesses Focus on to Get Results

    • #2 The Sales Vase Video

    • #2 The SALES Vase Audio

    • #2 The Sales Vase

    • #2 The Sales Vase

  • 4

    #3 What's The Difference? - What Are Your Best Products and Services For Your Customers?

    • YSBB - #3.1 Best Product/Service - Customer Service Video

    • YSBB - #3.1 Best Product/Service -Customer Service Audio

    • YSBB - #3.1 Best Product/Service -Customer Service

    • YSBB - #3.1 Best Product:Service -Customer Service

    • YSBB - #3.2 Best Product:Service - Customer Needs Video

    • YSBB - #3.2 Best Product:Service - Customer Needs Audio

    • YSBB - #3.2 Best Product:Service - Customer Needs

    • YSBB - #3.2 Best Product:Service - Customer Needs

    • YSBB - #3.3 Best Product: Customer Persona Templates Powerpoint

    • YSBB - #3.3 Best Product: Customer Persona Templates Keynote

    • YSBB - #3.4 Best Product: 5 Customer Satisfaction Template Download

  • 5

    #4 Who Are They? - The Most Important People In Your Business

    • YSBB #4 - Who IS your customer...honestly? - Video

    • YSBB #4 - Who IS your customer...honestly? - Audio

    • YSBB #4 - Who IS your customer...honestly?

    • YSBB #4 - Who IS your customer...honestly?

    • YSBB - Customer eMail Templates

    • YSBB - Customer eMail Templates

  • 6

    #5 Loyalty is Royalty - Huge Marketing Advantages of a Small Business That No-one Uses

    • Full access to Step # Available 6pm 30/8

    • #5.1 Loyalty is Royalty - The Importance of Customer Loyalty

    • #5.1 Loyalty is Royalty - The Importance of Customer Loyalty

  • 7

    #6 The Marketing Mix - It's Not About You, It Starts With You - Your Message

    • Full access to Step #6 Available 6pm 2/9

  • 8

    #7 Never Be Closing - The Art of Selling Without Selling

    • Full access to Step #7 Available 6pm 3/9

  • 9

    Your Business, Your Blueprint

    • Full access to the Blueprint Available 6pm 30/8

  • 10


    • Exclusive 101 Questions for Successful Business Owners

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